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REAL DRUM - App review by ReviewBreaker

Android App Real Drum is an interesting App using which you can play drums naturally any time.The effects are realistic. You can also record your work.You can delete the records and change...

Closer - The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey ( Real Drum App Cover )

Hi Guys! Tutorial is finally out! Part 1 --- Part 2 --- [TUTORIAL]...

Real Drum (by Rodrigo Kolb) - musical app for android.

Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help! REAL DRUM is a free application for Android that simulates a real drum on your mobile/tablet screen. To play it, just drumming your fingers...

Top 5 Best Drum Apps

5 Aplikasi Drum terbaik recomended banget untuk iPad/iPhone. Untuk pengguna iOS bisa langsung download di Appstore. DRUMS XD : Drums XD FREE - Studio Quality Percussion Custom Built By You!...

Real Drum Lessons - Example 01

Best Drum Aplication - Aplikasi Drum Terbaik

Ini cuma review singkat aja guys, buat yg penasaran apa sih DRUMS XD itu. Drums xd beda bgt sama Realdrum, nah kalian bisa tonton video ini ya paling nggak bisa tau sedikit tentang DRUMS XD...

Real Drum Simulator App Review. Video 160 of 672

Welcome to Video 160 of 672!. Today, I'm having a Quick Glance at an App called 'Simulator Rock Drum'. Android:

Toxicity - System of a Down (Real drum app) Cover

Trying my best.. :) hope you all like it..

Drum Battle - iPad Drum vs Real Drum

I went on a stage! Well, as a drummer, it was so hard to keep in time , a bit messy sometime..^^; But it was so much fun! I just love Drumming. I always wanted to do this battle with Takuto.He...

GISMART real drum review

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